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Happy Birthday 3DP Filament!

Posted on 05 November 2016

We started selling our premium ABS, PLA and HIPS 3D printing filament on 5th November 2015 and now 3DP Filament has reached its first birthday.

Starting a new business venture can be a much longer and more arduous journey than you first imagine. Sourcing high quality materials, designing web stores, registering and listing unique products, building social media platforms, marketing, advertising and driving traffic, the list of startup jobs are endless, particularly when you are a small team.

However, we are still here and we couldn't be happier with how things are progressing.  So... what has been happening in the past 12 months?


  • We now offer the 3 most common filament materials to choose from (ABS, PLA and dissolvable HIPS) all high precision virgin materials
  • Our filament is available in 30+ exact RGB/Hex colour choices
  • You can now purchase in a range of lengths to suit any 3D printer or 3D pen project
  • Our 3D Pens have been ranked in the Top 10 3D Pens of 2016 (according to All3DP)
  • You can now pay using your iPhone, iPad or Mac using Apple Pay
  • We now have UK and international stores on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Etsy
  • You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus 
  • We now ship to anywhere in the world with products arriving within a week
  • Our feedback has been 100% positive across all online stores and we are receiving repeat custom and loyal followers.
  • Our prices are now even lower, with a number of promotional offers and sales across our online stores to celebrate our birthday!

It's never been a better time to shop with us.

Many thanks to all our customers over the past year - you kept us going.  We now look forward to offering you even more FAB products and services in 2017.

Happy Printing! 🚀

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