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PETG (often referred to as T Glass) is a recyclable, environmentally friendly co-polyester. It is stunningly transparent (like glass), allowing high levels of light to pass through. It is also available in a range of glossy, bright opaque colours too. 

This high performance polymer has accurate precision and roundness (+/-0.03mm), strong tolerance, is flexible and tough, with a high impact strength - like ABS, but is easy to print like PLA. No heated bed is necessary but a plate temperature of 75℃ recommended. 

3DP Filament’s premium quality PETG has excellent first layer adhesion and a low shrink rate.  It prints comfortably at 60mm/s but capable of faster (and can make the material even more transparent. Our Grade A material is odourless, safe, REACH certified, with no harmful chemicals, making it ok to be in contact with food or drink. It prints at a similar temperature to ABS - 200℃ - 240℃ but doesn’t suffer from warping or shrinkage and no pre-drying is necessary.  Packaged in an air tight bag with silica gel desiccant, it is recommended that it is stored in a dry, cool place to maintain its quality.

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3DP Filament

1.75mm Premium PETG Easy Print Recyclable Filament (5m, 10m & 20m)

Starting from £1.79

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