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What is 3D Filament?  3D printing filament is a plastic material printed in thin layers to create a physical object. At 3DP Filament, we offer the best quality 3d printer filament 3mm and 1.75mm in ABS, PLA, HIPS and PETG fabricated from premium quality virgin resins from the United States (Natureworks) and Taiwan (Chinmei) to produce a tough, strong, safe and environmentally friendly filament print.

The colour masterbatch and materials used to produce our Grade A RoHS, CE certified and FDA approved 3d printing filament are harmless and environmentally friendly. Our PLA and PETG are both biodegradable and recyclable. They are available in both 1.75mm and 3.00mm diameter to suit virtually all FDM 3D printers on the market.

Whilst some printers, such as Ultimaker, use 2.85mm filament (with the ability to extrude up to a maximum of 3.00mm without issue), actual 3mm plastic filament that is less precise and accurate can cause problems for your printer when a fraction over that threshold.  Our filament is actually produced at 2.90mm with a +/-0.03mm accuracy to allow for any minute fluctuations in diameter that might cause issue when printing. This makes for a smoother flow and less clogging issues.

In addition, precision diameter laser detectors are used to control extruding rates in production, so when the diameter becomes (even fractionally) thicker or thinner than the accepted range, the laser detector adjusts the extruding rate to make the diameter range immediately acceptable. This ensures that our premium grade filament remains consistently accurate, precise and round. It also makes it compatible with almost all non-cartridge plug & play and kit 3D printers on the market.

All our filaments meet the following specifications:

Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85/3.00mm (actual diameter 2.90mm)

  • High precision: +/- 0.03mm. Roundness +/-0.03mm
  • Constant extrusion temperature: 175℃ - 200℃ (PLA), 210℃ - 250℃ (ABS), 200℃ - 230℃ (HIPS), 210℃ - 240℃ (PETG)
  • Sticks to print-bed well with no first-layer problems
  • The filament extrudes precisely for fast printing, consistent layering and less clogging
  • Filament comes on a lightweight spool, in a vacuum-sealed package (with a bag of desiccant), boxed with protective bubble wrap and despatched in a weatherproof mailing bag
  • Compatible with virtually all 3D printers including RepRap, Prusa, Printrbot, Robo3D, CTC, Up!, Ultimaker, Makergear, Lulzbot, BQ, Leapfrog, Zortrax, CEL Robox, Flashforge, Createbot, Wanhao and many more
  • 40+ vivid, precise and consistent colours - accurate RGB / Hex Code
  • All of our 1.75mm printing materials are perfect for 3D printing pens
  • Available in a variety of lengths for value and convenience

"3D Printing is a disruptive technology of mammoth proportions, with effects on energy use, waste, customization, product availability, art, medical, construction, the sciences, and of course manufacturing. It will change the world as we know it. Before you know it.”

Mark Fleming, Chief Economist


At 3DP Filament, we are passionate about the creative possibilities 3d printing and additive manufacturing hold for the individual. Additive manufacturing is an empowering tool for society and we want to make it as open-source, inclusive, accessible and affordable as we can.

Less than a decade ago, many 3D printers cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy.  With prices and technology now firmly within the small business price bracket; our aim is to now find the very best value within this emerging technological revolution which, we hope, will encourage more people to realise the possibilities that are now achievable from the convenience of their own home.

Our trade-off to achieve this, is to do away with expensive branding, clear spooling, labelling and packaging (which you end up paying extra for) in order to bring you a quality filament at an affordable price.  After months of extensive sourcing, sampling and testing, we’re believe in the quality of our filament and we’re confident you will too.

We’re passionate about environmental issues, in particular, the positive impact that 3D printing can have on reducing the waste used in traditional manufacturing and the amount of fossil fuels needed to ship these products. In keeping with this, our packaging is carefully sourced to ensure that it is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials, whilst remaining inexpensive. Even our cable ties, used for sample amounts, are reusable ties - for your added convenience - so be sure not to snip them and throw them away.

We offer educational discounts and wholesale pricing at very competitive prices - email us for further details: enquiries@3DPFilament.ink

At 3DP Filament, our margins maybe small, but we aim to offer you a quality product, in the right way and at the right price.


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