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  • 4th Generation 3D Printing Pen (with OLED)
  • 4th Generation 3D Printing Pen (with OLED)
  • 4th Generation 3D Printing Pen (with OLED)
  • 4th Generation 3D Printing Pen (with OLED)
  • 4th Generation 3D Printing Pen (with OLED)

3DP Filament

4th Generation 3D Printing Pen (with OLED)

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A modern example of advanced technology meets creative design, this 4th Version 3D Printing Pen can be customised to complement every user with multiple language options and an innovative OLED Screen. Made for designers, architects and those with artistic flair, this professional 3 dimensional printing tool can be used to create visually stunning objects and sculptures, and transform seemingly impossible ideas into a full scale 3D drawing.
So how does the RP800A 3D Printing Pen work? It is designed for use with ABS or PLS filament that it extrudes through a 0.6mm ceramic nozzle. Once extruded, the filament hardens immediately to form vertical layers, creating magical three dimensional shapes in real time. For ease of use, it can be used with temperatures ranging from 130-230°C, and it features an adjustable moulding speed for accuracy and precision.
What makes this 4th Generation 3D Printer Pen truly unique is its OLED Screen, which indicates the temperature, speed and materials used. Ideal for both professionals and those new to the world of 3D art, it can be driven by a regular power bank for mobile convenience, and no previous technical experience is required.
1. Display: OLED screen which can display temperature, speed and material
2. OSD language: Multi-language customized
3. Can be drive by power bank. No need to be connected to AC/DC adapter / plug socket
4. Double click button to continue loading filament
5. Print Range: Unlimited
6. Molding Speed: Adjustable
7. Temperature: 130-230°C Adjustable
8. Nozzle: 0.6mm diameter ceramic
9. Input Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz UK 3-Pin Plug
10. Material: 1.75mm diameter ABS/PLA
11. Pen Size: 180*20*20mm
12. Slim, lightweight design

3D Pen:

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